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We provide customers with solutions for their needs, from aluminum bars or plates to machined parts from drawings to assembled machines.

They know they can look to us as a reliable partner.

A single trusted contact for the entire product manufacturing process, from the raw material to the tested system.


The goal is to provide companies with an increasingly complete and accurate service in the metal sector and its processing completely free of charge.


First meeting

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Make a first meeting with our sales engineer. He will understand your needs.

Needs analysis

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The Mectro sales engineer will be able to analyze your requests in detail. This will allow you to effortlessly obtain a product / processing that meets your needs.

Choice of product

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All products are premium quality and made in Italy.

Choice of processing

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Processing carried out by expert hands. The collaborating workshops are Italian professionals who will guarantee high quality workmanship.

Problem solving

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As the only trusted contact, we will find the supplier who knows how to satisfy your production needs. In fact, reducing the work of your administration.


You can then contact our agency for any request for finished machining parts.

We will be able to indicate an appropriate solution and a competitive offer based on the quantity and type of transformation to be performed.

We offer machining solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous materials, stainless steels and plastics.


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Performed with twin-spindle CNC lathes, automatic loading and motorized. Cam, multi-spindle and sliding head lathes.


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Performed with machining centers of different types and sizes, equipped with pallet changing systems, with 5-axis vertical mobile column and enslaved by anthropomorphic robots so as to be able to work in a continuous cycle.


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Performed with flat and round grinding, both with centers and without centers.


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Made to produce any type of gears from mod.0.25 to mod.2 from one to several start, thread toothing, multiple, bevel and oriented toothing.


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All the represented companies complete the production cycle with the supply of surface finishes, heat treatments and paints using their own machinery or leading partners in their respective sectors.


Mectro deals, through its industrial partners, with mechanical assembly.

Our specialized department, used for the assembly for third parties or for subcontracting of any type of automatic machine or industrial plant, takes care of the entire production process in detail up to the turnkey delivery of the work to the customer.

The technical-practical experience gained in the knowledge and reading of mechanical drawing is a universal language that we are in full possession of and is what guarantees our competence and professionalism.


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When a customer decides to commission the complete assembly of an automatic machine, an industrial plant or an industrial automation, the company organizes itself to order, receive and catalog all the details of the machinery with the basic lists.


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We are able to manage any modification or correction on the machine or on non-commercial pieces independently, interfacing with the technical and design offices.


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Once assembly is complete, the customer is contacted to carry out the testing with his technicians.

This phase of the production process is one of the most important moments during a mechanical processing for third parties;

Here the correct functioning of each component designed and created for the customer is tested.

Certifications & Packaging

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During testing, all relevant certificates of suitability and guarantee of the functionality of the machine built are compiled and issued to the customer. Subsequently, where required, the machine is packed in special crates and entrusted to the courier in charge, (ours or yours), to be transported to the final destination.


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The assembly of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and metal structures takes place following the overall 3D files and special technical drawings, provided by customers or made by their technical department, ensuring maximum confidentiality and industrial secrecy.

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All our products are made in Italy and processed with cutting-edge technologies that meet high quality standards.

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Professional and free advice. No price increases on the product. It will be like contacting the supplier directly.

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